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Worst Holiday Candy for Your Teeth

The holidays are right around the corner, and that means stockings and gifts of candy for most children. Some candy impacts your dental health worse than others, but what kind of candy should you and your children be trying to avoid?


Hard Candies


Hard candies are supposed to be sucked on, but this leaves them in the mouth for an extended period. This time allows the sugars in the candy to sit near the teeth for a long time, giving the sugar plenty of time to start breaking down the enamel. Pair that with the fact that some children try to chew on hard candies, and you’ll find that there is a good chance your child may break their teeth as well.


Sour Candies


Sour candies are loaded with citric acid to make them sour, but this acid is incredibly bad for your teeth! Once you chew sour candies, the citric acid clings to your teeth, and much like sugar, it breaks your teeth down, causing decay and damage.


Sticky Candies


Clinging to your teeth like you wouldn’t believe sticky candies are pretty challenging to get off of your teeth. These candies cling to the nooks and crannies in your teeth and hang on until you brush your teeth next, leaving the sugar in those candies plenty of time to cause decay and damage.


The holidays are filled with sweets of all kinds, but avoiding these sweets can be challenging; this shortlist of sweets to avoid can help your family maintain a healthy smile. If you’re concerned about what holiday sweets can do to your smile, feel free to ask us at your next appointment!


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