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Our Affordable Dentist in West Palm Beach Shares Helpful Tips and Facts about Baby Teeth for Parents


When do Babies Develop Teeth?

Babies develop their teeth between six months and a year old. This time will be critical for them as they'll be teething, cutting their teeth through their gums. During this time, they might grow feverish, irritable, and be easy to upset. It's essential to check what you have available for them to use during this teething time. It's also important to start bringing them in to see us between six months old and a year so we can begin their dental health care as early as possible. 


When Should You Introduce Fluoride?

When you start seeing teeth, you should start using fluoride toothpaste, but for children as young as six months to a year old, you're going to use much less toothpaste than you would for yourself. Just a tiny smear is often enough to strengthen the tooth enamel of small children. Do not use a lot of toothpaste when you're bushing your children's teeth at this age! A lot of toothpaste to a tiny body can easily result in fluoride poisoning. Which, like anything in large amounts, can be dangerous. 


When To Set Your Child's First Appointment

As soon as you see your child's first tooth coming in, you should set up an appointment with our affordable dentist in West Palm Beach. The sooner we can look at the tooth and start predicting how the others will come in, the better. Starting them with bi-annual trips to see us for dental health visits also ensures that they become familiar with going to the dentist from a very young age. 


Starting children with our affordable dentist in West Palm Beach isn't only easy, but it's essential. The sooner you begin monitoring tooth growth, the easier it is to take care of problems as they arise. Familiarizing your child with the dentist's office is also essential as they'll feel more comfortable and relaxed throughout their future visits. Is your child getting their first teeth? Set up an appointment with us today to start their dental health the right way!

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