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Emergency Dentist in West Palm Beach Utilizes Sedation Dentistry for Safer Care

When it comes to oral surgery, it is common for patients to be nervous. Some more advanced dental treatments may require sedation methods to allow for an easier and safer process. Our West Palm Beach FL emergency dentist understands that oral surgery sounds intimidating to some patients, however it is truly one of the most routine procedures performed in dentistry today. Not only does sedation put patients at ease, but gets them the care they need when they need it. Whether you are experiencing some slight fear of the dentist's office, or if you find yourself in a major dental emergency, sedation dentistry is available.
There are different methods of sedation depending on the level of treatment required for your appointment. Some mild cases of dental anxiety may benefit from sedation, while other more complex surgeries require general anesthesia for completion. The goal of sedation is to help the patient relax for the duration of their procedure so they have a safe and easy experience. Methods of sedation dentistry range from minimal to deep sedation, depending on the severity of treatment. 
Nitrous oxide, sometimes referred to as laughing gas, is inhaled through a mask to help patients feel more relaxed. This is a minimal form of sedation that quickly goes away once you start breathing normal oxygen again. Patients may typically drive themselves home after this form of sedation, though we highly encourage you to bring someone along with you during your appointment in case of any discomfort or lightheadedness.
Oral sedation is provided in the form of medication that will help you feel at ease within a window of time. Oral medication may make you quite drowsy or groggy and patients will need someone to drive them home after their treatment. 
IV sedation is a moderate form of sedation that is administered through a vein. This level of sedation is controlled by our dental professionals and will take effect rather quickly.
General anesthesia is most common for severe cases, like oral surgery or anything that would take a longer period of time. This form of sedation puts the patient in a sleep-like state and requires someone to drive them home after the procedure. You can't be easily woken up from general anesthesia, but the effects can be reversed or timed to wear off so that your procedure is easily completed. 
Our West Palm Beach FL emergency dentist will numb the area that you will be receiving treatment in so that you can't feel anything more than slight pressure. Depending on the severity of your treatment, medication may be prescribed to help you through the healing process. Sedation dentistry is a useful tool to get you the care you need in an efficient time frame, all while keeping you safe and comfortable. 
To learn more about the sedation process and how it may benefit your next dental treatment, contact our West Palm Beach emergency dentist for further information. Our team will speak with you about your unique smile needs and find the best path forward for your treatment. Call today at (561) 585-5891 to speak to our team about your appointment!
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