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Tips From Your Dentist in West Palm Beach, FL: How to Handle Dental Anxiety   


Did you know that according to a 2014 study, approximately 36 percent of our population has dental anxiety? This large percentage shows that fear of the dentist is a significant barrier that keeps people from making and attending appointments.  


Even worse, the more people avoid the dentist, the more likely they experience tooth decay and caries that give feelings of shame and inferiority. This vicious cycle needs to be broken to get people the dental treatment they need, but where do you start if you fear the dentist?   


As your dentist in West Palm Beach, FL, we’re here to provide help and solace. Keep reading to learn some simple tips on how you can begin addressing your dental anxiety today!   


Bring Earbuds or Earplugs

One simple way of curbing your anxiety is bringing earbuds to your dental cleaning appointments. Let your hygienist know that you’ll be listening to music while they’re working on your teeth, and then choose one of your favorite playlists that can help you get lost in the music.   


Keep in mind that you can also opt to listen to an audiobook or your favorite YouTube channel instead—whatever will keep you distracted and make the time pass faster!   


Earbuds or earplugs are invaluable if you need to spend more time in the chair for a root canal or other procedure.   


Tell Your Dentist

Don’t be afraid to open up about your dental anxiety. You’ll be surprised by how many patients we work with who also suffer from the same fears.  


Not only will you feel less alone when you talk about your dental anxiety, but we may also have techniques and methods to make you feel more at ease. We'll also take the time to explain what work we're going to do so that you know exactly what to expect.   


If you're still uncomfortable, please ask us any concerns you have! Call our office with your questions like:


  • How do they deal with clients with dental anxiety?   

  • Can you bring earplugs or earbuds to appointments?   

  • Do they have recommendations for patients with dental anxiety?   

  • Do they offer laughing gas?   


It would help if you also remembered that dentists and hygienists are trained healthcare providers who want to help you.   


Keep Your Hands Preoccupied

If you tense up during appointments like most people with dental anxiety do, consider bringing a fidget toy to your next appointment. Fidget toys are great for people with anxiety because they can keep you distracted.   


Fidget spinners, stress balls, and bubble poppers are great tools to bring during your appointment. They also come in smaller versions if you want to be more subtle.   


Practice Mindfulness  

Lastly, practicing mindfulness is a great way to lessen your anxiety and feel more grounded and centered, even when you’re in the last place you want to be. Start with a simple breathing exercise, such as counting every time you feel yourself inhaling. Once you get to number 10, start over.   


Body scanning is also a simple and effective mindfulness technique. Starting at the top of your head and moving down to your toes, focus on releasing the tension of one body part at a time.   


Feel Calm and Secure at Your Dentist in West Palm Beach, FL  

Painless dentistry is a reality today with the latest developments in technology. Regardless of your dental anxiety, you should feel comfortable speaking up whenever you feel pain or discomfort during your appointment. If you have a good dentist, they’ll do everything in their power to help you feel secure.   


Ready to regain control of your dental health with an experienced and compassionate dentist in West Palm Beach, FL? We’re here to help.


Contact us today to schedule an appointment or call us at 561-585-5891.


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