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Dangers of Dental Plaque Shared by Our West Palm Beach Dentist


No one likes to think about dental health, but it is important.

Dental plaque can be extremely damaging to your teeth and to the health of your gums. It is important to remove dental plaque on a daily basis and keep up with your dental checkups to keep plaque levels at bay.


Here are some reasons why you should schedule that next dentist appointment with our team right away:   

• Dental plaque builds up over time, which leads to tooth decay and gum disease

 • Plaque removal helps prevent tooth decay; (tooth decay) can lead to infection in the mouth or in other parts of the body

• Gum disease may go unnoticed for years before it causes major problems in other parts of the body like the heart.


What Is Dental Plaque?

Dental plaque is a thin biofilm of bacteria that covers the surface area of teeth. It is made up of hundreds of different kinds of bacteria that feed off of the sugars in our mouth (through the foods and beverages we consume). These bacteria create an acidic byproduct which continuously attacks the enamel on our teeth.


Here are some ways to prevent this:

- Eat lean proteins and fresh vegetables instead of sugary desserts, snacks, or drinks

- Brush your teeth twice each day with fluoride toothpaste 

- Avoid snacking between meals if possible 

- Drink plenty water to keep your mouth moist throughout the day

- Use a fluoridated mouthwash to help your teeth every morning and night 

- Schedule regular checkups for cleanings and care with our office


What are some signs that I may have dental plaque buildup?

There are many different signs that you could suffer from having dental plaque build up, here are just a few of them:

- Bad breath, a.k.a halitosis

- Constant or frequent cavities or gum disease

- Tooth pain around the gums around teeth 

- Visible buildup of plaque on your back teeth and along the gum line


How is dental plaque removed?

The best way to remove dental plaque is by brushing your teeth twice daily, and flossing once a day. Brushing helps to remove 65% of the bacteria on the surface of your teeth. However, brushing alone is not enough.


Unfortunately, the toothbrush cannot access certain areas of the mouth.  This is why our family dentist in West Palm Beach warns that flossing is just as important as brushing. Dental floss can access the areas of the mouth that the toothbrush cannot reach, for example, between the teeth and along the gum line. Flossing plays an important role in preventing gum disease.


Aside from good oral hygiene, keeping up with dental checkups are another important step to keep dental plaque levels low. Even with careful brushing and flossing, plaque can still buildup. However, if you keep up with your dental checkups, our hygienist can remove the plaque that has been left behind.


It is important to remove dental plaque on a daily basis and keep up with your dental checkups. Schedule that next appointment right away conveniently with us instead of just searching for ‘dentist near me’!  Schedule an appointment for teeth cleaning, dental exam, x-rays, or any other necessary treatment by calling (561)585-5891 to schedule an appointment with our family friendly dental office in West Palm Beach.

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