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At-Home Dental First Aid Kits


Almost every household in the area has a first aid kit of some kind, with bandages and antibiotic ointment, but what about your teeth? You can make a first aid kit for your teeth, but what should it include?


Medical Supplies


It would be best if you had some standard medical supplies inside your dental first aid kit. These will make sure anything you do stays sterile while you google ‘dentist near me.’ This kit should include things like tweezers, gloves, gauze pads, an ice pack, hydrogen peroxide, and anything else you might include as medical supplies in a kit. 


Orjel, Anbesol, Pain Relievers


The next thing you should keep in your dental first aid kit is pain-relieving agents; Orajel or Anbesol, for example, help relieve tooth pain directly, especially from cavities. Pain relievers should also be included for acute dental pains. 


Save a Tooth System


The save a tooth system is a true gem that should be included in every dental first aid kit. This kit has a specialized formula designed to keep your tooth alive for 24 hours after an incident occurs. This kit should only be used on a healthy tooth knocked out, not a tooth that fell out because of decay. 


Temporary Crown Filler


Temporary crown fillers are another great addition to a dental first aid kit. If you’re busy and unable to come in and see us, this kind of kit will buy your time if you need to get a crown filled. A deep cavity is a great reason to use a temporary crown filler, buying you time before you need to come and see us.  


Dental first aid kits are handy and are great to have on hand in case of an emergency. You can handle dental emergencies temporarily at home, from aching tooth pain to deep cavities as you locate our office. If you have a dental emergency and don’t have a dental first aid kit on hand, give us a call to set up your next appointment right away!



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