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3 Reasons You Need an Emergency Dentist in West Palm Beach

Many people don’t think of finding an emergency dentist in their area until the emergency occurs. Unfortunately, this means that you may end up going to a dentist that you’re not comfortable with, is too far away, or has expensive services. 
For this reason, we recommend taking time to find an emergency dentist before an actual emergency occurs! 
Read on for some of our top reasons you need to see an emergency dentist in West Palm beach (and what to do in the meantime). 
Knocked-Out Tooth
Losing your tooth is no doubt an emergency. In fact, if you find the tooth and it’s salvageable, you’ll need to see your dentist within an hour or two in order to have it reattached to its socket. 
Rinse off your tooth and place it in its empty socket. If it’s not staying, hold the tooth in the side of your cheek or in a glass of milk.
Broken or Fractured Tooth
Did you know that broken or fractured teeth are some of the most common dental emergencies? Fortunately, you typically don’t need to schedule a same-day appointment with our dentist if you’re experiencing a chipped tooth or a minor fractured tooth. 
However, you’ll know you’re having a dental emergency if you’re experiencing severe pain and a large amount of your tooth has fractured. 
In the meantime, apply a cold compress to reduce the swelling and swish your mouth with warm water. 
Lost Filling
Keep in mind that losing or breaking a filling isn’t always an emergency. However, it’s important to call our dentist as soon as possible and explain what occurred. You’ll also want to tell us any symptoms you’re having and whether or not you’re in pain. 
From there, our dentist will be able to let you know when we'll able to see you the soonest. While you wait, make sure you avoid chewing on the side where you lost your filling. 
You’ll also want to rinse the area frequently with warm salt water in order to remove food particles and avoid bacteria proliferating. 
If you’re experiencing pain, follow the label instructions on over-the-counter pain medications. Lastly, our dentist may also be able to equip you with a temporary filler to at least block the gap, keep food out, and reduce the pain. 
An Emergency Dentist in West Palm Beach Will Save the Day
By finding our emergency dentist in West Palm Beach as soon as possible, you’ll know who to call whenever you experience a dental emergency. Regardless of the severity of your trauma, if you’re not sure whether you’re experiencing an emergency or not, it’s recommended to call our dentist as soon as possible. 
By explaining the pain and symptoms you’re experiencing as well as what occurred, our dentist will be able to decide on the best course of action for you.
Need to speak with a dentist that offers emergency services today? Fill out our contact form or call us at 561-585-5891. 
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