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3 Key Reasons You Need a Same Day Dentist in West Palm Beach

When you’re looking for a new dentist in your area, we recommend finding one that’s able to offer same day services. Beyond the scheduling flexibility, same day services can give you peace of mind when you’re dealing with pain, cosmetic issues, and more.
With this in mind, read on to learn our top three reasons why our same day dentist in West Palm Beach should be on your priority list.
Improve Your Self-Esteem
If you experience an emergency that results in a chipped or missing tooth, you may experience shame or embarrassment if you have to wait for a dentist appointment to have your smile returned to normal. Luckily, same day dentists are able to accommodate these last-minute appointments. 
For instance, if you’re interested in getting veneers, our dentist may be able to fit you with a temporary veneer on your first visit. On your second visit, your new veneers that are received from the laboratory will be bonded to your teeth.
If you’re missing a tooth, you may be able to recover it by rinsing it off and placing it gently back into your gums. You can also hold it in your cheek if it’s unable to stay in the socket. By making an appointment with our dentist as soon as possible, implants may not be necessary.
Quickly Handle Toothaches
Toothaches can sometimes come on over time and then subtly subside, but they’re almost always a sign that something is wrong. Here are a few reasons you may be getting toothaches: 
- Tooth fracture
- Broken tooth
- Abscessed tooth
- Damaged filling
- Infected gums
Rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide or warm salt water can be an effective solution if you’re dealing with inflammation, but it’s important that you see our dentist regardless. You may not be able to tell whether the pain is coming from an external or internal source. 
With same day services, you can cut back on the guesswork and stress and get a diagnosis from our doctor as soon as possible. In best-case scenarios, we may agree that some over-the-counter pain medication and warm salt water will do the trick.
In worst-case scenarios, you’ll be lucky to be going to the dentist for a root canal before your toothache becomes severe. 
Scheduling Flexibility
Last but not least, our dentists in West Palm Beach that offer same day appointments are typically easier to make appointments with. We aid their patients in finding available time slots during lunch breaks or on the weekend. 
We understand that for working adults, scheduling dentist appointments isn’t always easy when you’re juggling multiple responsibilities. For that reason, we put an emphasis on making scheduling as convenient as possible. 
Find a Same Day Dentist in West Palm Beach Today
Now that you know some of the top reasons why a same day dentist in West Palm Beach is necessary, you know that we can give you instant peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about scheduling during unpaid work hours or being late or missing appointments. 
You’ll also be able to easily schedule appointments when you’re dealing with emergency situations, like toothaches or fractured and broken teeth.
Ready to schedule an appointment? Fill out our contact form today or call us at 561-585-5891. 
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